Wide-Format Printing for the Real Estate Industry

By innov8 Wide-Format Printers  |  January 30, 2020

When you think of the real estate industry, you probably think of the people who sell properties - the realtors. However, the real estate industry consists of more than just realtors. If you stop and consider every group that’s involved in building and selling a house, from property developers to architects, construction companies to realtors, the list is actually quite long! At every step along the way, there are opportunities to sell the property—before construction has even begun—and wide-format printers can play a crucial role in ensuring that happens.


Here are some of the more common uses for large format graphics in the construction and real estate industry.



Before any construction can begin, plans have to be made and approved. Between contracts, orders, blueprints, drawings, and invoices, it’s not hard to see why printers are an essential piece of office equipment in the construction industry. 


Outsourcing your construction print needs seems like an easy option, yet not only can it be time-consuming and expensive, it’s inflexible, and it takes away all control from the developer. Outsourced prints are also subject to terms regarding turnaround times and revisions. 


Architectural Plans


Municipalities often request revisions to architectural plans during the development permit phases, and not being able to make changes quickly and efficiently will add to lost time and money.  


When print needs are high, investing in a large-format printer for the office can often result in significant cost-savings. However, due to misconceptions about the size and costs of purchasing their own wide-format printer, it’s something that lots of businesses look past. 


innov8 Digital Solutions is proud to be a supplier of Océ wide-format printers and Canon wide-format printers that allows you to print water-resistant, durable blueprints in-house. Understanding that investing in a printer is a significant expense, we also offer short-term rentals that are perfect for project and site-based workspaces.


Community Outreach Materials

Print needs do not stop at construction plans and blueprints. Before any large construction projects begin, there is usually a significant amount of public outreach required to get the local community on board. Outreach is about connecting with people to discuss changes in their community before it happens. Timely, useful, and informative communication with the public can reduce opposition from neighbours and the broader community, which can be fairly common when large construction projects are planned. 


Several formats of materials are required for effective public outreach detailing what is being built, why, timelines, how the community will be affected (negatively and positively), all geared to provide transparency for the planning and design of the project. Printed materials could include fact sheets, brochures, flyers, magazine articles, booklets, posters, but also extend into the large-format printing with bus placecards, banners, and billboards. The idea behind the public outreach material is that they can be referred to again and again by the target audience, positioning the property developer’s project in a positive light.

Construction Sites


Safety Signage

During the construction phase, large-format printing will be used for a variety of on-site purposes, including site safety signage and site contact signage. These signs can be branded to reiterate the company’s commitment to safety while increasing brand awareness and recruiting opportunities at the same time. 


Branded Construction Sites

development-exterior-signageThere has been a recent surge in construction companies branding construction sites for their own marketing purposes as it’s an inexpensive yet effective form of advertising. The construction industry is highly competitive, so it’s crucial to put your stamp on your work. 


Contractors and construction companies can transform the impact their sites can have on their business by investing in innovative large-format graphics.  


Construction barricades that surround construction sites—also known as ‘hoarding’—are primarily there as a means of safety. Still, they are also one of the most valuable pieces of marketing collateral for the construction business or those trying to sell the property! As an advertising channel, it is extremely cost effective and is one of the few forms of publicity where your message is advertised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Branding the construction site itself targets the people who live and work in the area – which is especially significant if your development will have units available to the business sector or members of the public. Anyone passing by the property is a potential buyer, and instead of waiting for them to come to you, why not take the property directly to them with your very own billboard! 


A tasteful barricade design will not only mask the eyesore and the noise of the construction taking place behind it but can serve as a considerable brochure for what is coming. This provides easy access to information about the property being built, from the number of units, their size, number of bedrooms, potential pricing, plus a phone number to call, the website to visit, or where to find the sales office. Why not demonstrate a bit of creative advertising flair and include some unusual or eye-catching artwork. Lifestyle imagery is an excellent way to connect with potential buyers, helping your target clientele envision themselves in that environment and convincing them they’re the right person to purchase your property.


Outdoor advertising carries a lower cost per impression than other advertising channels. If you compare the price of printing materials with the cost of other forms of advertising, like print ads or TV and radio commercials, you’ll quickly realize that splashing your brand across your site fencing is a comparatively inexpensive option, and failing to do so means a missed opportunity for advertising, revenue, community engagement and more. Why waste such a great marketing opportunity on a plain old fence when you can be putting it to work for you!


If branding the construction site hoarding is a little out of budget, there are plenty of other options for adding branding to your site. For example, mesh banners provide great bang for your buck while keeping costs down, letting the wind pass through the fence so it doesn't get knocked down, and can easily be attached to external fencing with grommet holes. 



Marketing the property before it’s even been constructed is common in the real estate industry. First impressions in a crowded market are crucial, and without the property itself to showcase, large scale prints and graphics are essential to turn work sites into innovative advertising and branding opportunities. 


For new builds, the sales office will see a steady stream of potential buyers, and as such, is a blank canvas for showcasing not only the properties but also the company itself. 


Large-Format Graphics

Wide-format printing can be used to print stunning wall-to-wall large-format graphics to showcase the properties. Large scale photos will capture the buyer’s attention from the moment they step foot into the sales office. Overlaying property information onto the image is also an excellent way to impart knowledge to potential clients while not taking away from the impact of the photos.

Wide-format printing is also an excellent choice for brand marketing. Company logos, slogans and graphics can be made as dimensional signage or printed on nearly any flat, smooth surface via flatbed printing. 


Signage and Banners


Make your mark with custom signage to support sales efforts. You can even print on chloroplast or more sturdy materials like wood.


Banners are also one of the most popular large-format applications on the market and are an easily printable and transportable marketing tool. 


For luxury real estate, making a statement in the sales office is crucial to give the right impression to potential buyers. When selling high-end properties, you can’t penny-pinch anywhere. Luxury and quality must shine through at every customer touch-point. 


Wide-format Printers Can Create a Graphic For All Occasions


Bright, bold and eye-catching graphics make a great first impression. Having easy access to large-format printing is a valuable tool to those in real estate, helping to engage potential buyers at every step, whether it’s passing the property on the street, or entering the sales office. 


Wide-format print graphics can be an investment for growth in the real estate industry. Today’s large-format printers are both cost-effective and easy to operate and can prepare prints on virtually any kind of surface. Large real estate offices with a network of realtors with numerous print needs should consider investing in a large-format printer for the many cost savings and other benefits it can bring. 


If you're curious about your options, reach out to us for a free office assessment. We want to ensure you're choosing the right machine to save you time and money. 

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