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Why a multi-functional office device is the best fit for your business

By innov8 Digital Solutions, Printers & MFP, Managed Services  |  May 31, 2021

Have you ever walked into an office space overflowing with copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines? It’s the business office equipment room or corner of the studio with a photocopier against one wall and a printer against the other. They’re separated in the middle by a fax machine and a scanner, and the area is flooded by a sea of employees waiting for their documents.

Maybe that’s the business equipment landscape of an office you once worked in, or maybe it’s where you work now.

But did you know that you can reclaim that space, save time by improving workflow processes, and cut your costs with a multi-functional device, or MFD?

Also known as a multi-functional printer (MFP), an MFD in its simplest form is a machine that combines everything that cluttered our imaginary office space—a printer, copier, scanner, and sometimes fax machine—into one affordable and reliable piece of technology.


Benefits of replacing your business office equipment with an MFD

  • Space savings. This one is obvious. Reclaim your business office equipment corner, move the MFD into the bullpen, and put your spare room to better use.

  • Cost-cutting. As equipment ages, maintenance costs rise. By replacing multiple older machines with one new and reliable MFD, your maintenance costs will plummet. Factor in the savings on ink, toner, paper, and electricity, and your new MFD will pay for itself.

  • Convenience. An MFD is an all-in-one machine. If you need to copy, print, scan, and fax a document, this is the only machine you will need to use. And, if your business rarely requires a fax machine, for example, an MFD with faxing functionality is far more cost-effective than purchasing a separate unused fax machine.

  • Digital transformation. Advanced MFDs, like the models we offer at innov8, improve digital functionality by connecting directly to your file structure. That means you can scan, sort, file, send and store documents using your new MFD’s touchscreen and easy-to-use operating system.

The digital era is now. A multi-functional device, especially an advanced MFD, is the first step in optimizing your business to meet the needs of today—streamlined workflows, document management, and digitization.

At innov8, we work with your team to find custom business office equipment solutions. We have industry-leading brand names and a wide range of models to choose from that can help you and your business meet your specific needs.

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With offices in BC and Alberta, innov8 Digital Solutions can set up your business with the latest multi-functional devices by Canon, Lexmark, HP, and Sharp. Our Managed Print Services ensures your business office equipment never runs out of ink and toner.

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