3 reasons to hire a digital solutions company

3 reasons your business needs to hire a digital solutions company

By innov8 Digital Solutions, Managed Services  |  June 21, 2021

Are you looking to save time and money by automating manual processes but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve started moving paper documents to the cloud and aren’t sure what to do next. Wherever you are in your business’ digital journey, chances are you could see gains in efficiency and productivity by hiring a digital solutions company.

A smart digital infrastructure not only saves you time and budget but can also address customer problems and elevate your online security. With a digital solutions company like innov8 at your side, we’re here to do the digital heavy lifting and help you get back to what matters.

Here’s how we can help.

Catalyst-Marketing_innov8_Blog-Imagery_Save-Money-11. Streamline services & operations

Imagine a customer needed information from your team. Your team member reviewed multiple spreadsheets and documents saved on multiple different systems and hard drives before responding to the client. The customer was upset over the delayed information.

It’s a digital file structure, you decide, therefore it must be an IT problem. You ask the IT department to create a smarter document structure, but the IT department says it’s out of their scope. Instead, you hire an outside document management provider and connect them to your network.

Meanwhile, that customer pain point still exists despite the sea of emails and phone calls poured into a solution.

Enter the digital solutions company. At innov8, we offer managed IT services and custom hardware, software, document management, and print solutions. That means our team of varied specialists can work together to be proactive and find opportunities before customers experience any friction.



2. Security

As your files move online, you want to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

From document management services that protect files within your organization to secure cloud-based storage, innov8 is a digital solutions company that offers custom solutions to protect your digital information.

Our Managed IT specialists can help you with:

  • backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • password management
  • anti-virus / malware
  • firewalls
  • secure Wi-Fi
  • and more



3. Cost savings

Manual processes and outdated equipment take up valuable time and resources. We can pair you with the right office equipment and software for your unique needs.

A multi-functional device, such as a combined printer and copier that can connect to your new document management system, can save you money on mechanical repairs and your electric bill.

Are you connecting with your team virtually? Maybe you’re using Slack to keep in touch throughout the day, creating and managing documents with Microsoft Office, sharing files on Google Drive, and meeting virtually via Zoom. If this structure sounds familiar, it’s possible that you’re paying more for services and software than you should be.

At innov8, we believe in providing you with purpose-driven solutions at the right price. All of our products and services are backed by an experienced support team.



To learn more about how a digital solutions company can help your business, read our blog: innov8 can help your business operate more efficiently.

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