Protect your business against disaster with data backups

By innov8 Digital Solutions, IT Resources, Managed Services  |  March 18, 2021

It's every business's worst nightmare: A computer crashes, a hard drive corrupts, and, suddenly, all of that machine's data is gone. Everything, from project documents to saved emails and personal photos from the weekend getaway, has vanished.

Many companies and individuals rely solely on a cloud sync service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to protect against data loss. However, without a proper data backup service, your data is at risk.


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What's the difference between file sync and data backup?

Syncing and backups are often viewed as interchangeable means to the same end: protecting your business' files and data. However, the differences between a sync and backup are drastic, especially when considering data recovery. Understanding that difference is critical to protecting your data.
Typically, syncing involves merging documents with up-to-date information. This powerful tool allows you to create a document on your office desktop and access it remotely on your phone, laptop, or in the comfort of your home office.
Think of syncing as working in a Google Doc with your colleagues. You're able to make changes that your coworker can view instantaneously and provide feedback or edit the document at their will.
However, if that synced document is corrupted or infected by a virus, syncing can copy that virus to the cloud and result in a massive data loss.
Syncing is an incredibly powerful tool for digital productivity, but when it comes to information recovery, syncing falls short.
A data backup, on the other hand, takes a snapshot in time of your work in a new and secure location, whether it's a cloud backup or copied onto a separate hard drive.
While the process of a backup may sound cumbersome, it's actually far more simple, especially when working with a managed IT services provider like innov8.
Backups are automatic and occur at any desired frequency, whether it's nightly or hourly, to provide accurate and accessible snapshots of your business' data.

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Why should my business back up its data?

As cloud storage becomes more accessible, data backups are an affordable option that saves your business the pain of losing critical files and information.

An optimized data backup offers:

  • Protection against hard drive failure
  • A snapshot of your data at a specific date or time
  • Easy access to files if using a cloud backup
  • Corruption or virus protection on saved files
  • Disaster recovery to restore your business's digital assets if something goes wrong

At innov8, we help businesses like yours protect your critical data. We provide three different backup options depending on your data needs. 

If files are your primary concern, our file backup software, once loaded onto your computer, backs up selected files every night. Need to save a full copy of your machine? We also offer virtual machine, server backups, and complete computer backups that protect not only your files but the programs loaded onto your machine.

Learn more about protecting your business online by reading our blog: How innov8 Can Help With Cybersecurity.


Are you ready to ensure your files are secure? Contact our Managed IT Services team for more information about data backups, cloud backups, and digital file management.



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