3 signs it’s time to upgrade your office equipment

Jul 27, 2021 | By innov8

Are you spending too much time fighting with a printer that’s acting up? Do your print jobs feel like they take longer than they should? It could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade your office equipment.

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3 reasons your business needs to hire a digital solutions company

Jun 21, 2021 | By innov8

Are you looking to save time and money by automating manual processes but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve started moving paper documents to the cloud and aren’t sure what to do next. Wherever you are in your business’ digital journey, chances are you could see gai...

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Why a multi-functional device is the business office equipment you need

May 31, 2021 | By innov8

Have you ever walked into an office space overflowing with copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines? It’s the business office equipment room or corner of the studio with a photocopier against one wall and a printer against the other. They’re separated in the middle by...

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How outsourcing IT can save your business money

May 20, 2021 | By innov8

Maybe you want to improve digital efficiency and asset tracking, or maybe your small business wants to improve its network security. Whatever the reason, there comes a time in the life of a small or medium business when an IT specialist is needed. While some companies wil...

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How innov8 can save you money with managed IT

Apr 23, 2021 | By innov8

You communicate with your employees and coworkers via Slack or Microsoft Teams, schedule a Zoom call, and search Google Drive for yesterday’s file. As our world is catapulted into the digital era, it’s a familiar structure for many businesses with or without a managed IT ...

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How to protect your business from email phishing

Mar 31, 2021 | By innov8

It’s 5 p.m. on Friday, and your inbox lights up with an email from the company president. “Please send a money transfer to this account. Use your personal account and you will be reimbursed on Monday. It’s urgent.” The request and timing seem odd, but you send the transfe...

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Protect your business against disaster with data backups

Mar 18, 2021 | By innov8

It's every business's worst nightmare: A computer crashes, a hard drive corrupts, and, suddenly, all of that machine's data is gone. Everything, from project documents to saved emails and personal photos from the weekend getaway, has vanished.

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PaperCut Printing Solutions Saves Your Business Money on Printing & Copying

Mar 02, 2021 | By innov8

We've all seen the vast and ever-growing pile of paper in the blue bin next to our office printers. But, what if there was a way to not only reduce waste but cut costs and increase security? Enter PaperCut’s printing solutions.

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Redesigned Website to Better Meet Customers' Office Equipment & IT Needs

Feb 12, 2021 | By innov8

Designed with our clients in mind, innov8’s new website design makes it easier than ever to find solutions to your business’ office equipment and managed IT needs.

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How Canon’s Advanced Multi-Function Printers Are Transforming Offices

Nov 04, 2020 | By innov8

Remember when offices had to scan, copy, and print reams of paper using two-to-three different machines? Those days are long gone thanks to Canon’s multifunction all-in-one devices.

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Office Equipment and Technology Essentials: What Innov8 Digital Solutions Can Do for Your Business

Sep 30, 2020 | By innov8

With technology constantly evolving, finding the right solution to every imaginable situation in today’s world can be overwhelming. Figuring out what is worth the investment, especially for your business, can be a daunting task.

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Digital Transformation: Innov8 Can Help Your Business Operate More Efficiently

Sep 18, 2020 | By innov8

Easily capture, retrieve and validate documents. There’s a world of information in your documents. Innov8’s complete platform of document management software solutions enables you to capture and classify that information, transforming it into usable business intelligence....

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