Beyond Paper: Digital Document Management For A Sustainable Future

Nov 15, 2023 | By innov8

In a world incessantly driven by innovation and technology, the traditional reliance on paper documents seems almost antiquated. The ubiquitous presence of paper in every office, despite the digital evolution, highlights an urgent need to reevaluate our documentation prac...

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5 Office Equipment Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Nov 08, 2023 | By innov8

In the digital age, the evolution of office equipment never halts. As businesses constantly seek efficiency and productivity, manufacturers are introducing cutting-edge machines and tools that redefine the corporate workspace. Here are five key trends in office equipment ...

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Today's Business Data Security: Innov8 Insights

Oct 25, 2023 | By innov8

Maintaining the security of your confidential data in a widely accessible (and hackable) world can be quite the balancing act when you assemble a team to do it. This critical pillar of your business operations is one of many things that a third party can do better. 

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COVID-19 Statement

Oct 19, 2023 | By innov8

To our valued customers,

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Innov8 Sales Summit 2023: Boosting Sales & Collaboration

Oct 13, 2023 | By innov8

Kelowna, BC, September 29, 2023 – Innov8, a leader in office technology and solutions, is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the highly anticipated Sales Summit 2023. This meticulously designed event aimed to elevate the skills and knowledge of our dedicat...

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Adopting Managed Print Services For Your Business

Jul 28, 2023 | By innov8

Whether you have a small startup or an established corporation, Managed Print Services (MPS) can help you gain control and optimize the printing infrastructure in your company. MPS refers to a service or a unified program that manages all aspects of a company’s printing i...

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Choosing the Best Digital Copy Machine for Your Business

Jul 06, 2023 | By innov8

If there’s one essential item that is a must-have in any commercial environment, it’s paper or documentation. In fact, despite increased efforts among most businesses to turn into paperless offices for sustainable operations, the use of paper continues to be critical in m...

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Innov8 Helps business improve information management through M-Files

Jun 08, 2023 | By innov8

INNOV8 Helps business improve information management by enhancing document organization, retrieval, collaboration, security and workflow efficiency. Through its Partnership with M-Files We help reduce the reliance on paper-based processes, minimize document loss or duplic...

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Introducing innov8 Branch Office in Edmonton

May 30, 2023 | By innov8

Innov8 Digital Solutions is one of Canada’s largest independently owned and operated office equipment suppliers and IT solutions providers. Offering services across B.C. and Alberta; Innov8’s promise of excellence in service has placed it in the category of one of Canada’...

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innov8 Digital Solutions: #1 Canon Dealer

Apr 13, 2023 | By innov8

With a wealth of industry experience, an exceptional team of over 70 members, and 9 offices across Alberta and British Columbia; innov8 Digital Solutions received the prestigious “2022 Dealer of the Year” award from Canon Canada at the Dealer’s Conference in San Diego. Be...

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Protect your files with these backup tips today!

Mar 31, 2023 | By innov8

Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing important files due to a computer crash or virus attack? The feeling of losing hours, days, or even months of work is a nightmare for anyone. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon, and it can happen to anyone, any...

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ChatGPT and the Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Feb 24, 2023 | By innov8

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm due to its innovative features and easy use. It amassed a few million users just weeks after its release and started trending on social media. Although the many advantages of ChatGPT are notable, cybersecurity experts have expressed co...

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