Four Ways Label Printing Can Boost Your Brand

By innov8 Printers & MFP, Label Printer  |  June 25, 2024

With lots of competition out there, how you present your brand, not only helps convey your message, but it also determines whether your brand is recognizable or not. One way to promote your message is to leverage the power of a printed label on your packaging, to tell a story and make a great impression. With many options available to produce labels, here are four ways a colour label printer can enhance your brand and drive your business. 

Easy Creations


It’s easier than you think to design and produce a label. By designing and printing your own labels, you can take full control of how your product is represented, what information you convey to your customers, and the design elements to make your business ‘pop’. With a growing trend to use labels as a communication tool, businesses such as manufacturing, and retail shops are looking to labels to differentiate themselves and build their personal brands. 

And you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create the perfect label, you can leverage the existing tools you have on your personal device to design like a pro. Our customization tips:

  1. Create your design using any software, something as simple as Microsoft® Word. 
  2. Consider how your label looks, do you want a glossy finish for your product and a matte finish for your shipping package? It’s possible. 
  3. Use a wide variety of label sizes and shapes to maximize your brand’s visibility. (e.g choose a circle for top of the product and a wide label for your ingredient list)

Product Customization

On top of easily designing your labels, an in-house label printer allows you to add some personality to your products. By tailoring custom labels to your customers’ needs and preferences, it brings an increase value to their purchase. It also enables you to tap into various sectors, such as the events industry. For instance, picture making wedding favors extra special by customizing labels with the couple's names, wedding date, and preferred colours. This personal touch takes their experience up a notch, fostering a deeper connection to your brand beyond just buying products. 


Print In Seconds

Having an in-house label printer can help your business produce promotional materials such as stickers and decals, with a quick turnaround time. The latest inkjet label printers on the market can print as fast as 11.8” per second, meaning they can keep up with your busy business. With this speed you can pivot your creations very quickly, and keep up with market trends, while adding a decorative touch to your products. Consider a small bakery that needs labels quickly to serve their customers; by being able to print labels to match the baked good (e.g chocolate chip cookies) you can keep up with customer demands and their experience. 

Print What you Need When you Need It

Lastly, an in-house label printer helps to minimize waste in your label production, enhancing your brand’s reputation as an eco-friendly and socially responsible business. By printing however many labels needed, instead of outsourcing a large quantity and storing them, you can optimize your label storage and lower wastage, leading to a decrease in your environmental footprint. To go even further, use an inkjet label printer, as they have a lower environmental impact than other printers in the market. All in all, consumers are increasingly preferring to support brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. By aligning with these values, you can not only attract environmentally conscious consumers, but build long-term customer loyalty.


Having the right label printer will help your business increase its competitive advantage in the market and make your brand shine. A professionally produced label enhances your brand identity and personality, making your products (and you) more recognizable to customers. At innov8, we can help you get started with in-house label printing! With Canon’s all-new high speed inkjet label printers, you can design, produce, and share your new creations with your customers in just a few seconds. Let’s get started today! 

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