Today's Business Data Security: Innov8 Insights

By innov8  |  October 25, 2023

Maintaining the security of your confidential data in a widely accessible (and hackable) world can be quite the balancing act when you assemble a team to do it. This critical pillar of your business operations is one of many things that a third party can do better.  


This guest blog features insights from a cybersecurity professional formerly of innov8, a leading stakeholder in managed print solutions in western Canada.  

Data Security as We Know It 

External and insider threats, supply chain vulnerabilities, and data privacy regulations have evolved with cybersecurity measures. While encryption, firewalls, and controlled access go some way, they must counter the multifaceted risks your organization faces today. 


A holistic approach is required to counter the ransomware incidents that have gone from recurring to daily features on our news channels. Strategies like authentication protocols, remote monitoring, regular security assessment, and awareness workshops can constitute an all-encompassing cybersecurity policy. 

Fostering a Cybersecurity Mindset 

There are two aspects of cybersecurity: Technology and the human. Social engineering tactics make The latter easier to exploit, so companies must do everything possible to cultivate a cybersecurity mindset.  


Here are a few things businesses can do to overcome the vulnerabilities of their human resources: 


  • Hold regular training sessions 
  • Arrange phishing simulations 
  • Organize security awareness workshops. 


Foster an environment of vigilance and accountability to protect your company against cyberattacks. 

You can do the most with managed print services on the documentation and archiving end.


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Managed Print Service Providers: The Unlikely Protectors of Data Security 

innov8's managed print services don't claim to secure your data in big, bold letters. Their primary role is optimizing print infrastructure and reducing costs. Data security is a secondary feature of these services, one that the MPS provider does as well as its primary features.  


By implementing secure printing solutions, organizations can ensure the safety of their sensitive information. They can seek the MPS provider's assistance to allocate a device to confidential documents, letting only authorized personnel access it. With user authentication and encryption protocols, companies can restrict access to sensitive printing materials throughout all devices. 


Print fleet management is another data security perk of managed print solutions. While regularly updating your system, the MPS provider will replace outdated firmware with the latest security patches to ensure maximum security.  

Leverage Managed Print Services in British Columbia and Alberta 

Document data security requires a multifaceted approach. With managed print services, you can take this assorted approach without feeling overwhelmed.  


Acknowledge the evolving data security landscape, foster a cybersecurity mindset, and take a proactive approach to securing your sensitive information. Consult innov8's managed print service providers, for they have been in this line of work for almost half a century and know what they are doing even if you don't. 

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