Innov8 Helps business improve information management through M-Files

By innov8 Digital Solutions, IT Resources, Managed Services, IT Security  |  June 08, 2023

INNOV8 Helps business improve information management by enhancing document organization, retrieval, collaboration, security and workflow efficiency. Through its Partnership with M-Files

We help reduce the reliance on paper-based processes, minimize document loss or duplication and enable better control and utilization of business-critical information, thanks to our partnership with M-Files

Innov8 is one of the most reliable companies in Canada for customers and businesses seeking trustworthy digital technology solutions. With over 40 years of delivering second-to-none industry leading products and best in class customer service, the company has expanded its operations across nine different locations in Western Canada, spreading across British Columbia and Alberta. Today, its diverse clientele relies on the company to find muti-function copiers, managed print services, photocopier rental services, managed IT services, and so much more.



Running a successful business means dealing with large volumes of data and documents that must be categorized, stored, accessed, and managed effectively. This is the key to avoiding data breach risks and mismanagement of confidential business information that most companies can’t afford. Innov8 plays a crucial role in this process by facilitating businesses with highly dependable document management solutions with its partnership with M-Files.

In a statement about their top-notch document management services and M-Files partnership, a company spokesperson said, “We understand the need for saving time and ensuring business productivity as much as possible, regardless of on-site or remote operations. Our goal is to make this process simpler by working with M-Files to manage documents in a way that all the essential business information is targeted and transformed into valuable business intelligence. This allows enterprises to have a unified system through which they can access, store, and manage documents, videos, prompts and images across all networks simultaneously.”


Apart from ensuring a seamless business automation process, Innov8 consists of a highly skilled support team that can guide clients to make the best use of M-Files and all it’s features. By choosing the company’s document management software, businesses can efficiently find the documents they’re looking for, conduct efficient data analysis and extraction, and create exceptional workflows whenever needed.


About Innov8 Digital Solutions

Innov8 is the largest independent Canon dealer Canada. As a leading provider of copiers, printers, managed print services, IT support and document management solutions the company serves customers across nine locations in Alberta and British Columbia. It’s primarily known for helping its customers find top-notch digital solutions, including office copy machines, commercial laser printers, managed print services, managed IT services and support, and document management solutions.

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